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A Few of Our Favorite Old-Fashioned Lavender Ideas for the Home

Sweet Scented Armchair In one of my favorite old books Pot Pourri from a Surrey Garden {1900}, by Mrs. C.W. Earle described a delightfully fragrant household idea: ‘On the backs of my armchairs are thin Liberty oblong bags, like miniature saddle-bags, filled with dried Lavender, Sweet Verbena and Sweet Geranium leaves. This mixture is much more fragrant than the lavender alone. The visitor

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5 Lavender Craft Ideas To Try At Home…

Lavender Bottles. 19, 21 or 23 fresh supple lavender stalks in full flower Lavender-colored satin ribbon 0.5-1.0 cm wide   Tie the bunch of heads together tightly just below the flower spikes. One end of the lavender should be about 30 cm, the other as long as possible. Gently turn all the stalks up around the bunch of flower spikes

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