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Great Grandma’s Old-Fashioned Lavender Recipes

The ‘recipes’ are extremely old but still usable in our modern lavender era. We did not change the wording. Scottish Handwater and English Sweet Handwater: Scottish Handwater   1 handful of lavender flowers 1 handful of thyme leaves 1 handful of rosemary leaves 1 bottle of still white wine Place all the ingredients in the wine, cover, and allow to

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7 Cool Things We Never Knew Lavender Could Do

ADD THIS WONDER PLANT TO YOUR FARMERS’ MARKET SHOPPING LIST.  Maybe you’re thinking of planting lavender because it’s a beautiful addition to any flowerbed and because bees seem to love it. But its usefulness doesn’t stop there. Here are seven ways to put it to work at home outside or in an indoor herb garden. 1. Keep Moths Away Dried lavender is

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