Lovely Lavender Facial Toner

You can use this toner for the face, as a body spray, or use it on your pillowcase just before bed for lovely lavender dreams!

This recipe is about as lavender as one can get. It has a few different recipes within a recipe. You can choose to use all components or substitute with suggestions as desired.
Here is what you need:
**Lavender cordial (or 100 proof vodka)
**Lavender Hydrosol you can get this at Mountain Rose Herbs. Or use distilled water.
**Lavender essential oil (no need if you want a lighter scent and using the lavender distillate).
**Lavender Flower Essence (this is pure lavender energy to take it over the top for extra lavender vibration) You can make your own or buy from the fine folks at FES.
**4 oz glass mister bottle

Make lavender cordial by stuffing a jar with clean, dry, freshly harvested lavender flowers and pouring 100 proof vodka over top. Cover and steep for at least 6 weeks. Strain the plant material off and store your lavender vodka in a clean dark bottle. I love to add a few drops of this to a martini or to lemonade.

Save some of those lavender blossoms that you picked and make a flower essence with them. Flower essences are subtle, vibrational plant medicine. Infuse the flower that calls to you the most in a small shallow bowl. Sit with the flowers for awhile if you can and see which ones call to you if any at all. Fill the bowl almost to the surface with good quality spring water. Drop the flowers onto the surface of the water and allow them to solarize in the sun, leaving their molecular imprint in the water. Allow the bowl to sit out in full sun for at least 2 hours. I have also done this process with some flowers in the full moonlight. Carefully remove the plant material without touching them, using two twigs or a leaf. Preserve your essence by filling a glass bottle halfway with your flower essence and half with 100 proof vodka. This is the Mother. Dilute this mother essence by putting 7 drops into a half ounce bottle and filling the rest with alcohol. This is your stock bottle. From this bottle take 7 drops and put into another half ounce bottle and fill with alcohol. This is your dosage bottle that you use for your medicine. Add 2 drops of this to your toner recipe.

To make your Lovely Lavender Toner, add 3 ounces of lavender hydrosol or distilled water. If adding lavender essential oil, use 10-30 drops depending on your preference. Add 2 drops of lavender flower essence. Top off with your lavender cordial. Shake well. Use as often as you wish.